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Because I can

Kings Canyon 1

Kings Canyon 2

Kings Canyon 3

Kings Canyon 4

Kings Canyon 5

Kings Canyon 6

The way to paradise

Swimming in the Garden of Eden


Eating an apple in the Garden of Eden

Big rabbit

Snake tree

Mount Connor



Campfire maintenance

Swags around the campfire


Kata Tjuta 1

Kata Tjuta 2

Kata Tjuta 3

Kata Tjuta 4


Hello 2


Finally a good jumping picture

Uluru at sunrise

Uluru at sunrise 2

Breakfast at Uluru

Uluru 1

Uluru 2

Wave Rock

Uluru 3

Uluru 4

You might have expected a picture like that...

I am strong...

Silly me

Rusty Rock

Mushroom Man

Aboriginie prediction of Trudi travelling around the world

Uluru 5

Swag Sumo


Anna enjoying her posh hotel room

... and I think to myself....

...what a wonderful world.

Trying to be serious


Dancing in the rain 1

Dancing in the rain 2

Dancing in the rain 3

Dancing in the rain 4